Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Make Chainmail

How to make chainmail

how to make chainmailBefore explaining how to make chainmail, first I explain about chainmail. Chainmail is formed of a pattern  of interlocking rings. as a result of the look tends to unfold the force of an edged weapon for example; blade or axe, over a wider space, chainmail was traditionally used as armor . These days it's going to be used for costuming, reenactment, or in jewellery, belts, or alternative ornamental items. Fine chainmail continues to be used for suits that resist shark bites.

Step by step how to make chainmail

  • First prepare the tools and materials

tools and materials to make chainmail
  • Wind the wire, steel rods are often purchased from hardware stores, and most home improvement stores. you'll also use a screwdriver shaft or the other long, spherical metal objects you would possibly have birthing around. wood dowels and pencils don't seem to be counseled because the forces applied whereas whorled your wire can compress the wood and provides you rings of unequal dimensions. you will have to be compelled to control one or each ends with pliers. Aim for even, consistent loops and check out to avoid putt tight kinks within the wire. If the wire came during a spool or coil, wind with curvature that the wire already has. also try and keep the "spring" as tight along as possible. The a lot of spaced the rings are, the longer the rings truly become. Then Cut the ring as shown below.

Step by step how to make chainmail 
  •  Arrange the rings as shown below,

how to make chainmail 
  • Repeat steps above to add each new row until the piece is as large as you would like.
Here's how to make chainmail, to be continue to the next article

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